• Technical Support Engineer.

    Ludei is seeking a technical support engineer to work directly with our HTML5 game developers. Our support engineers will be the 1st point of contact for our growing developer base. Position requires a strong background in HTML5 and JavaScript programming as well as a familiarity with other web and non-web development languages, like Java, C/C++, NodeJS, AJAX, etc. More details.
  • Developer advocate.

    As Ludei’s first developer advocate, you'll be responsible for promoting activities that engage developers with our platform and for educating and enabling them to achieve success as a Ludei HTML5 game developer.
  • JavaScript Engineer.

    Ludei is looking for a talented JavaScript engineer to further help us build a very powerful platform to mobilize HTML5 games and apps. Using JavaScript and HTML5 as the bleeding edge technology, you will push the limits of what HTML5 can do.