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Web GL

For the first time ever, CocoonJS makes WebGL run inside an app on either iOS and Android. Develop awesome 3D games and apps!
  • Acceleration

    CocoonJS' exclusive acceleration technology increases the canvas performance by up to 10x!
  • Access to hardware features

    CocoonJS supports all the HTML5 standard APIs to access the device GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, gamepad, etc.
  • Multichannel Sound

    Incorporate music and sounds for your apps and games without any glitches, and make the gaming/app experience more user friendly and interactive.
  • In-App Purchases

    If you need to sell any kind of content on your app or game don’t worry, we have the perfect cross-platform extension to help you to easily implement purchases with one single code base.
  • Multiplayer

    Allow your users to play together with the CocoonJS cross-platform multiplayer extension: GameCenter, GooglePlay and local multiplayer!
  • Push Notifications

    This extension will enable you to send users push notifications. Remind users about your app or game and stay top of mind. Don’t let them forget about you!
  • Analytics

    Be on the road to measuring success with this feature. Find the analytics you need, and the data you want, on the developer portal.
  • Rating system

    It’s crucial that you have many positive reviews. Implement a rating system instantly using our extension and enable your users to spread the word.
  • Ads

    Serve over 10 different mobile ad networks with CocoonJS. You can monetize your games and apps with banners, full screen and even video ads.
  • Live Updates

    Coming soon! Keep checking to see what’s new!