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  • What is CocoonJS?

    CocoonJS is a technology that helps HTML5 developers publish their web-based games in the most important mobile and web stores with no code changes and with all the advantages of native development.
  • How does it work?

    You develop your product the way you want using HTML5. Then, we provide you with the tools to test it directly on the device and finally compile it for the different stores. You only need to create your app or game, and we will give you back the files you need to launch it to the app stores.

    Start testing CocoonJS for free using our CocoonJS Launcher Apps for iOS and Android!
  • CocoonJS logo will always appear as a splash screen?

    Yes, the CocoonJS splash screen always appears. If you don’t want the splash screen, contact us directly or use the dashboard in your account inside the CocoonJS Cloud Compiler.
  • Is it going to be released as OpenSource?

    No, but an OpenSDK will be available to allow you to develop your own extensions. 
  • How to report technical bugs or questions?

    Please contact us using the community tools