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CocoonJS is a platform to test, accelerate, deploy and monetize your HTML5 apps and games on all mobile devices with many interesting features to help you deliver great web products faster:


Performance is key to mobile web app and game development, and CocoonJS was designed from the ground up to accelerate all aspects of HTML5 execution. CocoonJS provides the best JavaScript and HTML5 execution environments to choose from, depending on the type of your project and the platforms you want to deploy it to.

  • If your project is an HTML5 canvas game

    • CocoonJS provides the most performant canvas 2D and WebGL implementation in the market for iOS and Android. This environment is a highly specialized JavaScript virtual machine with a blazing fast implementation of everything needed to make canvas 2D or WebGL based games scream on mobile!
    • CocoonJS is the only platform to date that allows WebGL native app deployment in both iOS from version 5.0 and above and Android from version 2.3 and above.
  • If your project is an HTML5 general purpose app or a DOM based game

    • CocoonJS provides a consistent and accelerated environment to close the gap between web and native apps. You get all the benefits of a modern mobile browser while developing a native app.
    • A custom webview that is called Webview+. A blazing fast webview specially designed for HTML5 app developers. You'll also have a uniform view on any Android device. The dream of all HTML5 developer!


One of the main advantages of CocoonJS is that you can benefit from it without having to give up on the HTML5 app development framework or game engine you love. CocoonJS is 100% HTML5 compliant and it doesn’t constraint you so you can start using it right away.

CocoonJS not only improves performance but deals with fragmentation too. Different mobile devices and operating systems provide different sets of features; CocoonJS provides a consistent feature set and execution environment across devices and operating system versions, so that you can write once and deploy everywhere.

CocoonJS is also compatible with Apache Cordova/PhoneGap projects. You can provide your existing project and still improve your overall HTML5 execution speed, testing/debugging capabilities and deployment and monetization experience thanks to CocoonJS. Of course, you can still use existing Cordova plugins and even develop and use your own!

  • Playcanvas
  • Goo engine
  • Impact
  • Pixi.js
  • PhoneGap
  • jQuery
  • Backbone.js
  • Handlebars
  • Angulasjs
  • Panda
  • Caat
  • Construct2

Great testing and debugging tools

Having an easy to use testing and debugging tool that allows to execute your projects on a real device is key when deploying web apps and games to mobile. The CocoonJS Launcher App is a great tool for both testing the acceleration technology and debugging the content. You read it right: CocoonJS allows remote debugging of your web content directly on the device!

The CocoonJS Launcher App works very similar to a web browser allowing you to execute remote URLs or even complete projects stored on the device-- great for executing your project anytime, anywhere even being offline. It also allows you to access some of the services the platform has to offer, like Cordova plugins and the CocoonJS extensions.

Download the CocoonJS Launcher now

Faster cross-platform deployment

HTML5 is great for cross-platform app and game development, increasing the reach of your project and the chances of success and revenue. But is also means having to understand the peculiarities of each device platform in order to deploy. CocoonJS offers an easy to use cloud compiler where you can select and configure the different platforms you want your project to be bundled for. In a matter of minutes, final ready-to-publish products will be produced. Let CocoonJS take the burden of understanding how to create those products from you.

CocoonJS not only bundles apps and games for mobile but also for desktop and web based platforms such as Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Tizen, Mozilla Marketplace, Chrome Store, Pokki, OUYA, etc. Ludei is adding new platforms all the time making developers’ life easier!

The CocoonJS cloud system also allows you to configure the services to monetize, analyse and engage that the platform has to offer.

If you are comfortable with the Cordova Command Line Interface, we've got you covered with the CocoonJS Cordova CLI.

More Business Value

CocoonJS improves the performance of your HTML5 apps and games and eases the process of testing, debugging and deploying them without having to change your source code or change your favourite app development frameworks and game engines. CocoonJS also offers additional services to enhance your application across all the platforms providing unified APIs for:

  • Monetization. A cross-platform JavaScript library to access the underlying in-app payment system on each platform and advertisement SDKs.

  • Analytics. CocoonJS provides a built-in analytics service to measure the activity of your product and also access to well-known native SDKs.

  • Live Updates. Update your content directly from the cloud live.